High Quality, Custom Built, Rechargeable LED Hoops Handcrafted in Asheville, NC Filled with LIGHT * Filled with LOVE   Cosmic Hooper
About My LED Hoops 
I build LED hoops using 4 different sizes of HDPE tubing: 1'' OD is "thick" and corresponds most to 3/4'' ID 160psi black tubing 7/8” OD is "medium" and corresponds most to 3/4'' ID 100psi black tubing 3/4'' OD is "thin" and corresponds most to 1/2'' ID 125psi black tubing 5/8” OD is "extra thin" I also offer 3/4'' & 5/8" OD polypro tubing, as an upgrade ($10) Polypro tubing is stiffer, lighter, and more translucent than HDPE, and it is typically preferred by more advanced hoopers. **Please note that since the material is somewhat brittle, polypro tubing runs a higher risk of cracking or splitting than HDPE I measure the diameter to the outside edges of the LED hoop, and I typically recommend: - 1'' OD tubing for adult beginners, or those that prefer a thicker, heavier hoop - usually 38-42'' in diameter - 7/8'' OD tubing for intermediate hoopers who prefer a slightly thinner, lighter hoop - usually 34-38'' in diameter -  3/4'' OD tubing for intermediate hoopers and those who prefer a lighter weight hoop - used mostly for hoops under 36'', as well as all minis & sectional hoops -  5/8'' OD tubing for more advanced hoopers and performers  who value a thinner, lighter hoop  over longer battery life - used mostly for hoops under 34”   The LEDs are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, hard wired inside the hoop. Each battery has a PCB chip, which protects the battery from over or under charging and helps to extend it’s life. The battery will run the LEDs at full brightness for up to 7 hours! All hoops come with a smart charger, and will take ~2 hours to fully charge There is a small slide switch and a charging jack on the outside edge, flush with the hoop. Each hoop is balanced by adding small weights opposite the battery. LEDs and wiring are secured & padded, so there is no rattling or noise when hooping. Quick release connector buttons are used to secure the hoop closed, and allow you to easily coil the hoop down for transport. Hoops are sanded for added grip, and can also be taped with a variety of different colored gaffer’s tapes. Most hoops weigh just about a pound (14-18oz.), but hoops can range from 8oz. - 1.5lbs. Each hoop is rigorously tested, to ensure quality & durability. I am offering a 1 year warranty on all my LED Hoops, which will cover all internal electrical components of the hoop. After that time, I will happily perform repairs at a reasonable cost for the lifetime of your hoop.
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