High Quality, Custom Built, Rechargeable LED Hoops Handcrafted in Asheville, NC Filled with LIGHT * Filled with LOVE   Cosmic Hooper
Rob’s Bio 
I am a kid at heart and I love to play! I am passionate about music, dance, pretty colored lights, and of course -- hooping! I find my greatest happiness through spreading joy to others! My earliest hooping memory, at around 6 years old, involves challenging my next door neighbor to a hoop-a-thon. As I recall, we had to call a tie since neither one of us had stopped hooping for hours, and it was time for dinner! Fast forward to the fall of 2001, where I encountered large homemade hoops & hoop-dancers at the Mountain Oasis Music Festival in Union Grove, NC.  I quickly learned that hooping with these larger hoops was much easier than the kiddie hoops I remembered from my childhood, and I spent the weekend exploring the possibilities of movement & dancing within the hoop. I returned home with huge purplish-green bruises on my hips, and promptly ran out to the hardware store to procure supplies for building hoops - thus beginning my journey into the world of hoop- making. For several years I had been toying around with building my own LED hoops, after purchasing several light-up hoops from other talented hoop-makers. In the spring of 2009, I lost my job as a restaurant manager after 9 years, and although it was a shock - this was the push I needed to start up my own business. I spent many months building & testing my LED hoops, and I am continually striving to improve the quality & durability of my product. Since officially opening for business in September of 2009, I have carefully handcrafted over 2,000 hoops - -each one filled with LIGHT & LOVE In addition to building hoops, I also perform with Asheville Hoops Troupe!  
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